Amalfi Coast & Ancient Greek Ruins

Every morning we have croissants , bread, salami and cheese with cappuccinos for breakfast at the convent. It’s such a great way to start the day. we walked across town to meet the bus for our private tour.

Today we rode on cliffside roads on one end was the ocean and the other was the mountains. At first I thought it was terrifying because of the wide turns of the bus on such narrow roads. It made me think about my Uncle Dave & Uncle Scott because they would drive tour buses in similar conditions.

      It was unreal. I felt like I was seeing these views straight from a movie.

I couldn’t believe people live here and see this everyday. The colors of the buildings looked like it was from a watercolor painting. We stopped a few times in the little towns and overlooks. This one place had fresh lemonade and orange juice. Sorrento has the biggest lemons I’ve ever seen.

Then we went to see the Ancient Ruins of Paestum, Salerno Italy. The three temples date back to 600 – 450 BC. It’s crazy to see bits of what cities used to look like. We walked around for while exploring all the different areas. The security guards seemed to follow us more since we seemed more intensely taking pictures than most of the other tourists I guess. Then we were all excited with we saw they were selling gelato — our favorite, daily snack.

We headed back on the bus, and headed to the beach. The same was almost black, which was strange. The water was very cold, so most of us didn’t go completely swimming. We took the bus back to Sorrento to have another amazing Italian dinner.


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