Around Town


The drive from Rome to Cortona was about 3 hours. I tried so hard to stay away so that I could watch everything we were passing. I wanted to soak everything in, but I was just so exhausted from the plane ride. The mountains and farm areas looked like straight out of a movie. They kind of reminded me of Vermont, but much bigger.

After settling into the convent, we went out exploring the town. We all walk the streets which are fairly hilly since Cortona is on the side of a mountain. All of the buildings were beautifully colored, and flowerbeds were in each window, and each building had a different type of door. The sidewalks were so tiny to go along with the small cars and small road too. All of it is so quaint, yet exquisite. John takes us to a Gelato place, and I never could have imagined how smooth it would be. I got pistachio and tiramisu. We went to an overlook of the mountains and city and it was just the perfect moment. We walked around town for hours. There were little shoppes, and markets, and restaurants, which all looked family owned.

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