• exploring
  • Around Town


    The drive from Rome to Cortona was about 3 hours. I tried so hard to stay away so that I could watch everything we were passing. I wanted to soak everything in, but I was just so exhausted from the plane ride. The mountains and farm areas looked like straight out of a movie. They […]

  • Winery Tour
  • Castello Banfi

    Today has been incredible. The winery was absolutely unbelievable. The grounds surrounding it were so beautiful. The interior of the buildings were like straight out of a magazine. The wood in the lobby I instantly thought of my of my dad because he builds custom furniture. It’s 7,000 acres on that specific property. They have […]

  • Day Trip
  • Pienza, Italy

    We start out with breakfast everyday from 8-9am. The nuns are always so sweet. The breakfasts here are always like a full meal. We get in the big vans, with John and David as our drivers, and ride for about an hour and a half. I’m struggling wanting to stay awake and look all around […]