Locanda al Pozzo Antico Ristorante

Today we had our cooking class. It was incredible. It was a lot different than I thought it would be. You know the saying, “you can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen,” well imagine having 18 photographers in the kitchen. The room was pretty small. We made all kinds of food. Mostly ravioli, bread, pizza, bruschetta and some other delicious things. Everything is so fresh here and makes me feel healthy even when its not really. The tomatoes where the best I’ve ever had. We took turns rotating between cooking and taking the photos. The main chef had quite the character. She was very serious about how things were to be done, but at the same time she was really funny too. It’s incredible how much work goes into making the bread and pasta.

     You know the saying, “you can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen,” well imagine having 18 photographers in the kitchen.

Making the ravioli was definitely my favorite. It was so interesting to me how the process was pretty straight forward how you cut them and put the filling in, yet there are so many steps and secrets as to how to make it perfect. When we didn’t make the raviolis perfect squares, she snickered. While making the main meal, the pizza Chase made had finished baking, and so had the bread. We passed around the pizza and bread as we continued to make the side items to go along with our meal. The best pizza, oh my goodness. After cooking, which lasted quite a few hours, we went outside to their cute little courtyard to toast with wine. It was so quant. When we set up the meal in the dinning around, it felt like I was about to eat Thanksgiving. The meal was huge, but so delicious. After the class we headed back to the convent, and all relaxed to recover from the large amounts of pasta, bread and wine we consumed.


Side Story: After we recovered, Denby, Katie and I decided we wanted to go walk through town to shop and take some more pictures. We walked to the main street of town we found a cute little art store where Katie bought a journal. After going through some stores, it started POURING rain. We got stuck in a thunder-hail storm. It was awful. And granted this is only a couple days into the trip, so Denby and Katie did not know my ultimate fear of thunderstorms. As we decided to run back through town to get to the convent, because all the shops were closing for siesta. As we got to the convent we realized that Carson had our room key and we were not only locked out of the convent building but we were also locked out of the convent gate and wall. The storm was getting stronger. We found some shelter under trees as we tried to figure out how to get in. After an hour we finally were able to get into the convent. The clothes we were wearing were still very much wet three days later. It was quite the bonding experience.

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