Galleria dell Accadmeia & degli Uffizi

From there Todays first stop was the Galleria del Accadmeia. There were beautiful paintings, music instruments and THE DAVID.

We turned a corner and it was huge! It was so tall. We stayed there for quite some time, just staring. It was incredible. The muscles, veins, the shape, I could look at that sculpture for so long. We sat in different positions all around it, while constantly being surrounded by many other people doing the same thing.

Then we all went outside to group back up. In Florence, we had a lot more freedom to choose which muesums we wanted to go to as long as we went to at least 5 of them. I went to lunch with Denby, Katie, and Sam that day, we sat outside and I ordered a calzone and sunkist. Sunkist tastes completely different here.

We headed to Galleria degli Uffizi. It was huge, the policia were nice. There were so many beautiful paintings that I recognized. It was so interesting getting to see artwork that I’ve read about in my art history classes. Since I’ve been to MoMA in NYC a few times, I know what famous artwork is going to be there, but I had no idea some of the works I’d be seeing in Florence. Most of our group ended up there as well, so we would run into people throughout the day.

      I started walking into a room and instantly got chills. Both the Birth of Venus and Primavera were in this room.

They were so much bigger than I thought they would be. I wrote final papers on both of these in my art history class. My eyes were watering in my excitement that I was seeing this in person. Sam and I got so excited when we saw each other in that room because we were equally freaking out. Eventually I found Katie and brought her to that room and freaked out all over again.

Afterwards we went to the Museo de Modern ARt. Pollock and Kandinsky was the show going on. Katie and I were so impressed that we got there without getting lost. Florence is a big city! We met Denby there. I loved this museum. A lot of the work in there reminded me of the type of work my friend, Jason, does with his ZAPP series. I found it interesting see photographs painted over as well.

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