Mount Vesuvius

After Pompeii, we took a bus to Mount Vesuvius. We got on this army van / bus. It was huge. The front of the bus and back were separate parts that were being held together but there was opening between it as well. It made me nervous. It was very bouncy and a rough ride. The driver was loving it though and didn’t seem too concerned. Except that the road is narrow so they have to keep on schedule because there are only certain parts of the road that the vans can pass so they have to meet at that spot. It was just hard to imagine that we were driving on the side of a volcano — to explore a volcano. We got to the point the van had to turn around, so we got out and started walking to the top. It was extremely steep. Chase slipped and fell right behind me, but he was okay. Our tour guide was so funny and had such a cool accent.

We finally got to the top. It was a lot different than I thought it would have been. It was huge and it was all rocky with an empty middle.

       The tour guide said in 1945 there was an eruption that went down 6 miles. The volcano is still active and expected to blow up within the next 50 years so that didn’t make me nervous at all — kidding.

The climb and walkway was very narrow. We could see everywhere, we were so high up. The people on the other side looked like ants. You could see smoke coming out of the sides. We headed back down to meet the bus. Today was lots of  travel time from the volcano van to the bus to then the train to then get back to Sorrento. But what a day.

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