Palazzo Pitti

After lunch we went to Pitti Palace which was fairly close to where Denby and Katie’s apartment is. We wanted to go in the Muesum, but it was closed since there was no running water. So we decided to go to the Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace. It was all up hill and we were definitely struggling. More difficult than walking around Boone. Once we got to the top, it was so pretty and worth it. There were grassy areas everywhere so we sat there for almost two hours just talking, people watching, singing and napping. It was so relaxing since we are constantly on the go during this trip. I enjoyed how much more freedom we had in Florence.

Then we walked alot of the trails and started playing music. As we were walking this one area Denby put on the song, “Home,” and my eyes literally started watering, I was so happy. That song was my high school graduation song, and the song played at the orientation for App, and that fact that it was playing now, in Italy made me realize how being here was another big moment that I’ll always remember. Getting to experience this place and meet all these great new people, it’s an experience I will always cherish.

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