Pienza, Italy

We start out with breakfast everyday from 8-9am. The nuns are always so sweet. The breakfasts here are always like a full meal. We get in the big vans, with John and David as our drivers, and ride for about an hour and a half. I’m struggling wanting to stay awake and look all around and wanting to doze off from not getting enough sleep since we’ve been here. The views are just too beautiful for me to completely fall asleep though.

The first stop is a poppy field. Every time we pass one, we alway stop. Poppy’s only bloom for a few weeks of the year, so David said how lucky we were to see them everywhere. This poppy field was a lot more itchy though and there were holes in the ground and ant hills everywhere. But we never give up the opportunity to take pictures in a poppy field.

      I fell in one of the holes, and Chase started making fun of me for it and almost immediately then fell in a hole himself, too. It was great.

Cheese & Honey

Then we went to lunch, at one of my favorite places in the world I believe. It was outside and on the side of a mountain and it was just gorgeous. I ordered the cheese fondue with spinach as my appetizer. I think this was the only food in our whole trip that I thought was gross. Everyone joked that it looked like wet mowed grass. Katie got cheese and honey. Oh my goodness, that was one of the best things I’ve had. After that, I always ordered that if it was on the menu. Then my pasta and soup came. So much food. It definitely takes getting used to having so many courses at every meal, it was worth it. 


We moved on to walk all through the city. There was a emergency assistance convention going on, so there were quite a lot of people wandering around the area. We went to a church in the main part of town. The architecture was just amazing. I could not get over how tall the doors were. The painting on the ceiling inside were also so beautiful. When we walked back outside the church, there were these two little brothers that were just so adorable. They were playing with their swords. It was so precious how I could tell the little brother really looked up to his older brother. Everyone was just standing around watching them because it was so refreshing.

Packer Brothers

We headed back to the vans, but along the path Sam saw a stray cat, and of course had to pick it up. John was not so happy about that, but you couldn’t really change Sam’s mind for how much she loved seeing all the cats and always wanting her photo being taken. I’ve probably got a few hundred pictures of her by now.

We got back to the vans and headed to a Roman church. It looked like a castle!! One of my favorite moments was when someone made John a flower hat, and he started throwing it around and wearing it as we all snapped tons of pictures of him.

Sam fell asleep in the grass as she always does, and we all started arranging around her on the ground. It was hilarious. People were watching us, wondering what was going on.

As we were driving we came across these beautiful grassy hills. It was like out of a dream. We stayed there awhile all being able to go on our own journey there. It was an experience that’s difficult to explain, other than it made me very much appreciate my surroundings. Afterwards we stopped at an overlook to see the sunset and then watch the moon rise. It was really a perfect day.

We headed to a town for dinner. We literally walked up a mountain. Every time we turned a corner and realized there was yet another rise to wrap around we all moaned. We were so hungry. We all drank lots of wine that night. I wasn’t so happy there were eyes on my shrimp but other than that the meal was wonderful as every other Italian meal so far. Luckily walking back down the mountain was faster. As we all got into the vans, we all laughed because we needed to go to the bathroom (from so much wine, likely) We all ran to the square to use the bathrooms and there was a big dance party going on. After experiencing all that, we headed back to home base at the convent in Cortona. The ride was filled with lots of singing and laughing till the early hours of the morning.

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