Up again bright and early, and headed to the Circus train to to head Pompeii. When we get to Pompeii we walk around with John and David for awhile, since they were much more knowledgable about the area and what is most interesting to see. I couldn’t get over how huge it was. It would take days to walk the entire thing. It was strange seeing all the rooms and imagining what it used to look like. There were so many little streets. We went to the theater which was really interesting. It was mostly still intact. The Yale Theater and Rose Bowl Stadium were modeling after this one, so I found that especially interesting. We walked all around more. It was fun hearing so many different languages walking around us. We headed for the cafeteria, which was a little strange they had that inside of Pompeii, it just seemed out of place and very much cafeteria food. Afterwards we walked around more and then sat in the main square and people watched for awhile, it was very hot.

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