Through the Streets of Florence

We met at the Duomo Dome at 9am every morning while in Florence. Passing over the bridges everyday was just beautiful. Today we climbed to the top of the Duomo, holy moly. It’s massive and so intricate in the design and architecture.

We started our tretch up. At first it wasn’t so bad but it escalated. The stairs were steep and so small, and the ceiling was very low, and the walkway was narrow, and very crowded. Aka my worst nightmare. We got to the inside circle of the done near the top, holy cow. It was like nothing I’ve seen. I was highly nervous because we were so high up and it didn’t seem to have much support under us, but at the same time, the paintings were incredible, and the scale of it was insane. I have no idea how they did it. The church below was so big and beautiful. It would have been interesting to experience a service there. We yelled “pawroooo” across the dome to the other half of the group, because thats our call we’ve been using all trip.

Then after we went around the whole circle, we went up much more steep, narrow, and crowded steps to the very top.

       We got to the top and outside the dome. We could see all of Florence. It was incredible, but I was not getting close to the edge. 

We were there for quite some time. There were so many people at the top. Then we made our trek down. That was a lot steeper going down the stairs.

We walked all over Florence, it was fun going to such a big city after spending a week in Cortona. Between all the museums, and music and just live going on throughout the city was so much fun to experience.

Aside from there being a massive sinkhole, and not having running water for almost the entirety of the visit in Florence, and not being able to shower, the city was a magical place to stay in. Especially that we were living apartment style and our apartment was the penthouse, which had a beautiful view that I loved, but also was up 10 flights of stairs with no elevator.

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