Trevi Fountain, Colosseum & More

Most of the group woke up early to go with John to the best coffee and croissant bakery in Rome. We tried to go every morning we were in Rome. It was so busy yet also quaint and you could tell there were locals just on their normal routine standing at the bar. The cappuccino was unlike any I’ve had. John said you have to have two or maybe even three, they are just too delicious. We headed to the colosseum, which was less than a 5 minutes walk from where we were staying, Hotel Nerva. The line was so incredibly long, because it was free-pass day, so we decided we’d go another day.

John took us on an adventure instead. We went to the river and crossed the bridge to go to the Jewish Ghetto. We all had lunch together and ordered a bunch of pizzas. Usually we go to lunch in small groups, but this was special that we mostly all went together since the trip is almost over. They had a list of colleges on the wall of where their customers were from, and Appalachian was already on the wall.

Then we walked around the Forum first since there was no line. We went all around for awhile, John talked about the importance and stories of different areas. Sometimes we couldn’t tell when he was joking or being serious, by the end we usually knew most of the stories weren’t true. The area was huge and the buildings were so tall. It was crazy because it used to be all marble rather than brick.

Then we went to the Colosseum once the line was better. I keep saying this about everything, but it was so big.It was hard to imagine it as a stadium. The structure itself was so intense. We walked all around it and then went upstairs too and walked around that way as well. The stairs were steep and narrow, you almost had to jump sometimes. We all met back up and headed out after awhile.

Everyday we were in Rome we tried to stop by the Trevi Fountain, that was one of our favorite things to do. The last night was special. After our final dinner we went back to Hotel Nerva to listen to morning procedures to leave and to finalize packing. Then Denby, Katie, Sam, Jordan, Chase and I went to the Trevi Fountain one last time, after midnight. It was perfect.

     We made one one last wish together. We all just sat here for about an hour together. Laughing and crying about all of our memories.

As we were getting ready to leave a couple got engaged. Everybody cheered. We laughed that only they had known there were six photographers near them we could have captured the moment. But oh well. I couldn’t help but be as present in the moment as possible. That this trip was coming to an end, and it was without a doubt some of the best weeks of my life. Who would have thought that a month before this I didn’t know this people, and now I don’t know what I’d do without them. Italy will always have a place in my heart.

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